Reviews of Charley Chase DVDs/Books

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory A review of Brent Walker's study of Mack Sennett and his influential studio.

Lloyd Hamilton: Poor Boy Comedian of Silent Cinema A review of Anthony Balducci's biography of Chase's friend and colleague, Lloyd Hamilton.

A History of the Hal Roach StudiosA review of Richard Lewis Ward's book on the Lot of Fun.

The Charley Chase CollectionA review of Kino International's Chase DVD, released August 2004.

The Charley Chase Collection Volume 2A review of Kino International's second volume of Chase silent comedies, released September 2005.

American SlapstickA review of All Day Entertainment's three-disc set of silent comedy, featuring Chase's "Forgotten Sweeties" and Snub Pollard's "Sold At Auction", released November 2006.

American Slapstick Volume 2A review of All Day Entertainment's three-disc set, featuring James "Paul" Parrott's "Shiver and Shake" and "Post No Bills" as well as other early comedy rarities.

Reelclassicdvd's A Festival of Silent Comedy, Volumes 1 & 3A review of two of Reelclassicdvd's silent comedy collections.

SlapHappy Volume FourA review of the Charley Chase segment from "SlapHappy", the multi-volume silent comedy compilation featured on PBS.

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